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I’m saying though. If what happens here doesn’t matter, then their criticism if it, even less so.

Oh my gosh, so true.

*heavy sigh* Everyone on the internet is imaginary, yo.

yeah i’m beginning to think the internet just self-generates its nonsense into infinity


Anonymous asked: When did you decide that social justice was a legitimate means to an end as opposed to y'know something rather proactive, like public, physical activism. Why don't you go neigh elsewhere? Love Tom x

If you can explain what this sentence means, I may give you an answer.

Also, damn, I wish I could go neigh somewhere else. I would way rather be a horse than a human being.


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just do it

i was going to say “i can’t love you enough”

but then i started thinking about what an idiomatic expression that is

like, it’s supposed to mean “you’re great you deserve so much love!” and be sort of a compliment

but really it’s also depressingly expressing “i am incapable of loving you adequately”

like you could be saying that while your face shines with joy or while you weep

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that’s a tough place for both to be in; more for them though I think…they have to go back to living with the situation without any hope

oh i certainly always think my clients are in a tougher situation than i am

the thing with these cases is that they are out of -legal- options. they might still have other options. or their situation might be set to change they just have to wait. sometimes they get really fixated on the law and think if the adjudicator is sympathetic enough they will just magically be granted relief and so they want to pursue the legal option against all odds.

my main goal today is to resist the urge to tell clients “look, i know you think things are bad, but i’m here to tell you that, in fact, you’re completely fucked. you may think that if you’re in just enough of a crisis, i will suddenly remember an arcane legal argument that only comes spontaneously to the desperate, but it’s not going to happen. there are no remaining channels available to help you. you might as well leave now so both of us can stop wasting our time on your hopeless case.”

This morning I saw the picture of kappa (river imps) from the Illustrated Book of Japanese Monsters by Gojin Ishihara and all I could think about was that episode of Arthur where Arthur and Buster encounter the kappa.




…cannibalized belly button first. madamedechevre lettyrubble chineseburns oceanicreverie kisscakes…

Thanks hollow-gram!

1. I think the best present I ever gave anyone was a garbage can. It was the first gift  I ever gave T. I had drawn an axolotl quoting a Gwendolyn MacEwen poem on it. We use it to store all our laundry supplies now. 

2. The books I’ve probably re-read most are It’s Like This, Cat by Emily Cheney Neville (which was my favourite when I was a kid), A Complicated Kindness by Miriam Toews (even though it’s not my favourite book, I find it very reassuring when I am depressed).

3. I miss my adolescence sometimes. I miss weekends at the stable. I miss concert band practice. I miss being surrounded by people I had at least experiences in common with.

4. I’ve, unintentionally, slept with an exactly equal number of men and women and I’m kind of proud of that.

5. Television is very important to me. I didn’t have a lot of friends when I was a kid, and hearing other people’s voices on TV was very comforting in a way that books couldn’t be. I also have good memories of watching different genres with different people. True crime with my grandmother, nature documentaries with my grandfather, fantasy and period pieces with my mother, news and car races with my father, dramas with my first boyfriend, whimsical comedies with my then-best friend, horror with T and his kid. 

Okay I guess I have to nominate ten of my favourite mutual followers? If you’re not on this list it’s because I have no memory and not because you’re not my favourite. You’re all my favourite.

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I can’t love this post enough.

trying not to say something saccharine

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great timing, nice capture! at least he’s out of the bedroom ;)

thank you! and yes, we didn’t even split the cats up last night. for a while i had one cat on each side of my feet :)