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hollow-gram replied to your post “i read steps by jerzy kosinski last week and the only real thematic…”

I really enjoyed the thirteenth tale too!

it was a fun read!

there’s this person within my social media sphere who is something of a famous writer in canada, is older, is white, is male, etc. and on more than one occasion i have seen him getting sarcastic with younger, less successful, writers (often, but not always, women). and it just makes me think about how suspicious i am of people who are sarcastic toward people who have less authority or privilege than they do. i love sarcasm. it is one of the few things that brings me genuine enjoyment in life. but i think, like satire, it must either be directed at authority figures, or (mutually) exchanged with peers. and i am usually mostly convinced that people who do otherwise are just condescending assholes because they know they can get away with it. 

suicidalswan replied to your post “i’m sorry for the drunk blogging today, my purgatory consists of…”

I’d imagine that you drunk would be an amusing sight.

it can be

on saturday i just alternated between being vague and giggly and staring out the window morosely

and i played a lot of cards and read tarot

Potato Broccoli Soup

As I unfortunately learned today, this soup feels really wonderful when your throat is aching. And it tastes good in a mellow way and has nutrients and whatever, so all in all it is perfect for sick people.

-1 medium head of broccoli, chopped

-4 yellow potatoes, chopped

-1/4 medium white onion, chopped

-water to cover

-3 vegetable bouillon cubes

-1 cup frozen spinach

-1/3 cup cashews (unsalted, raw or roasted)

-1 tbsp nutritional yeast (optional)

-dash cayenne pepper

-salt and pepper to taste

Over med-high heat, cook broccoli, potatos, and onion in enough water to cover fully. Add bouillon and stir until dissolved. Once vegetables are soft, add spinach and cook until thawed. Turn off heat. Pour half of soup into a blender along with cashews and nutritional yeast and puree until smooth.

Return puree to pot. Add spices. Stir. Serve.

last night i dreamt of campgrounds

you feel like home to me; it’s the rest of the world i don’t feel at home in

if i enjoyed the story, then it’s a book.

if it changed me, then it’s literature.

i read steps by jerzy kosinski last week and the only real thematic thread for the nove’s episodes that i could find was actually provided by a reviewer on the cover: it’s a book of “terrifying encounters”

i read the thirteenth tale by diane setterfield the week before, which was a page-turner written for people who enjoy books. it was a good, entertaining story that was reminiscent of rebecca, what with its neo-gothic air and constant invocations of jane eyre. it just lacked the ethical poignancy of either of its predecessors. it did make me think, though, about how i personally distinguish ‘a book i enjoy reading’ from ‘literature.’ and, for me, literature in some way either challenges the things i believe, or makes me think about my beliefs in a new way.

i’m sorry for the drunk blogging

today, my purgatory consists of hangover vertigo and terrible angsty pop songs stuck in my head