JUST LAST NIGHT i saw the ~millenium~ episode of The X-Files and i thought i was going to *die*

"Due process is a feminist issue too, because if we don’t insist that rape be defined very clearly (as it is not on some campuses) and prosecuted fairly, we may find ourselves party to some pretty egregious stuff. All you have to do is remember how rape charges were used to persecute black men in the Jim Crow South to be able to imagine what overzealous and poorly regulated rape prosecutions could lead to."

-Judith Shulevitz”Feminism’s Future”

Man, I haven’t seen that film in a long time. But I did have the biggest crush on Mary Stuart-Masterson for a good five years. Interesting. It’s something about the way it was shot that screams ‘kids film’ to me.

Yeah she was great. In both films. And I think both of them have a deceptively simple narrative style and are very hopeful and take a strong moral position. Which I think are all typical of children’s films.

aw, i need to see this.

Yes! It is so cute and sweet despite the various tragedies and cruelties going on around the main characters.


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True, but I also thought that it was for kids, and pushing the envelope with the death scene. Idk. I think of it like Benny and Joon. They didn’t kiss, did they?

I -definitely- did not see it as a kids’ movie. With the murder and cannibalism and whatnot.

Benny and Joon slept together, in fact! Joon’s brother was livid about it.


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That movie was hella gay. HELLA. I consider it a lesbian dramedy. I guess like the L Word? It may not be explicit, but it kind of is.

Yeah lesbian dramedy is an apt genre to put it in. And yes! It was so obviously gay it might as well have been explicit, even though it technically wasn’t because, like, they never even kiss on-screen, the word gay and its variants is never mentioned, etc. Still.

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100% agree. Tumblr is the only place I feel able to critically look at pop culture. Plus, there’s cats. [But I also get my news from a fictional newsman, so … I’m in too deep]

Hahaha yes true.

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I was originally going to post the sources, but then I was like “i do not want to give these terribly-written internet articles any more publicity’. I was going to go back and find them today but now I can’t.

Anyways, they were ridiculous. :/

Gayness and Fried Green Tomatoes

I knew that the film Fried Green Tomatoes was based on the very gay novel Fried Green Tomatoes at the Whistle Stop Cafe by Fannie Flagg, but most interpretations of the film I’d read said that the film had turned the main characters/lesbians, Ruth and Idgie, into best friends instead.

Having seen the movie, I can now attest that there is nothing explicitly or graphically gay about it. But it was still one of the gayest romances I have ever seen. *Spoilers below*

I’m pretty sure I’ve seen this laughing picnic scene in several hetero romances.

Ah yes, another staple of romantic movies.

Oh they went swimming in the moonlight. Oh.

And nothing says romantic like solemnly swearing your love under oath in front of a court full of people you know. After you wrote to the woman you love and quoted this verse from the book of Ruth to her: “Whither thou goest, I will go. Where thou lodgest, I will lodge. Thy people shall be my people.”

In addition to all of the flirtation, one also has to consider the facts that:

1. Idgie took a road trip to save Ruth from her abusive husband, who she threatened to kill if he ever hurt Ruth again. And then later, while she was not the one to kill him, she made sure that the woman who killed him got away with it and protected Ruth by not letting her in on any of it.

2. Idgie and Ruth raised Ruth’s child together.

3. Ruth and Idgie lived together and ran a business together.

4. Idgie stayed with Ruth throughout her struggle with cancer and was with her when she died.

The. Gayest. Romance. Film.

sometimes i forget why i’m on tumblr, but then i read something in mainstream media that intentionally, negatively, ableistically (?) calls people who talk/write/theorize about their favourite pieces of media as ” “obsessives” ” and says that queer people are perpetuating homophobia by reading men-who-are-really-good-friends as gay and are making poor straight boys afraid to be friends with each other and i’m like

…oh right