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OH!! Idk, but I’m not sure that manual sex is the best way to go , as then everyone would have to know that manual means use of hands (and now that I think about it, manual labour …), so.

I’m okay with people learning new words when the alternative is not having language to talk about something?? Also I blame this problem on heteronormativity. ANYWAYS. I am open to alternative suggestions; otherwise I am going to start using the term ‘manual sex’ for no good reason so that people can ask me what it means and then I will explain it to them and they will remember it forever because they will be like “remember the time that person just started monologuing about so-called ‘manual sex’? what was that about?”

"grandma femme"

"grandma femme"

The Puffer Bride

The Puffer Bride


bmoreisapunkrocktown answered your question “why don’t more people use the term ‘manual sex’?”

v. nonmanual? What does that even mean?

Manual as in “of or pertaining to the hands”. Manual sex as opposed to oral sex, for example. People use terms like oral sex all the time. But no one says manual sex despite, as far as I can tell, a lack of useful synonyms. Like handjob is generally used in a sexed/gendered way. Mutual masturbation is an oxymoron. (And clunky). Why is manual sex not part of common sexual vocabulary?

why don’t more people use the term ‘manual sex’?

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Ha ha. But yr url is embedded in my memory and in my tumblr!!! So it actually might take ten years.

Tumblr probably won’t even exist in ten years!!


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What was your:

  • Last beverage: water 
  • Last phone call: to my friend
  • Last text message: chemistry homework to my friend haha

I tag: madamedechevre d0nt-dead-0pen-inside mylife-really

Have fun!

Cool! Thank you, the-doctor-watson17!

What was your:

  • Last beverage: coconut almond milk
  • Last phone call: to my partner
  • Last text message: telling my friend who went away to BC that I would text her back if I had time for a phone call last night

Have you ever:

  • Dated someone twice: not exactly.
  • Been cheated on: not as far as I know
  • Kissed someone and regretted it: i’ve been kissed twice when i didn’t want to be.
  • Lost someone special: yes, several. some have died, some have just left.
  • Been depressed: yes, often.
  • Been drunk and threw up: yes, twice. i also passed out and slept for way too long, so it’s a good thing i sleep in the anti-vomit-swallowing position.
  • List three favorite colors: black, blue, green

This year (2014) have you:

  • Made a new friend: no, unfortunately.
  • Fallen out of love: i fell in love, we broke up, i’m still in love
  • Laughed until you cried: i think so
  • Met someone who changed you: no one changes me. which is a safe but not interesting sate of affairs.
  • Found out who your true friends are: haha, that would be helpful, but no.
  • Found out someone was talking about you: not in any scandalous way.
  • Kissed someone on FB friends list: yes. two.
  • General — How many people on your FB friends list do you know in real life: most of them


  • Surgery: nay
  • Piercing: ears, nose, navel
  • First best friend(s): not until i was 18. E, A, and S.
  • First sport you joined: swimming. but horseback riding was the first sport i started voluntarily.
  • First vacation: Darien Lake in New York
  • First pair of trainers: no idea

Right now:

  • Eating: i just had a bowl of leapin’ lemurs cereal with almond milk
  • Drinking: not the koolaid
  • I’m about to: go to work and be unbelievably glad it’s friday because this weekend i am going on a quest in search of components for my halloween costuime

Your future:

  • Want kids: no, no, definitely not.
  • Get married: no thank you!
  • Career: currently in the legal field, but i hope to do other things later. i want to get my phd for vain reasons. i want to write books. i want to work for a non-profit that does literacy education for marginalized adults. 
  • Lips or eyes: for what purpose??
  • Hugs or kisses: hugs are my favourite thing in the world but only with a certain few people
  • Older or younger: i have spent the majority of my life around older people. i understand those dynamics better.
  • Romantic or spontaneous: neither :/
  • Nice stomach or nice arms: arms i guess
  • Sensitive or loud: sensitive. loud things bother me more than things with almost any other adjective.
  • Hook-up or relationship: relationship. if i don’t want to see a person much, i probably don’t like them very much, and why would i want to spend time around someone i don’t like all that much?
  • Troublemaker or hesitant: forever hesitant. forever skeptical.

Have you ever:

  • Kissed a stranger: i kissed a person on our first date and never saw them again (or wanted to), but that doesn’t count does it?
  • Drank hard liquor: that’s the only kind i drink
  • Lost glasses/contacts: yep just last week :(
  • Broke someone’s heart: yes. every relationship i’ve had except my current one.
  • Been arrested: no
  • Turned someone down: yes. in an exciting variety of ways.
  • Cried when someone died: yes
  • Fallen for a friend: hahaha… ._____. (yes)

Do you believe:

  • Miracles: i believe in extraordinary coincidences
  • Love at first sight: i believe in lust at first sight. i believe in attraction at first sight that develops into love.
  • Heaven: i am an agnostic about divinity
  • Santa Claus: i wish
  • Kiss on the first date: hopefully
  • Angels: i believe there are humans who deserve to be called angels

I can’t handle tags! Please just do this if you want to and I’d be excited to read it!

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This is going to take at least eight years to get used to.

Hahahaha. You haven’t even known me for eight years!

PSA from the former madamedechevre

My new username is lasciviousort and my new URL is 

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